Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is my first "currently" experience!  It makes you realize the what multi-tasking actually is.  And i thought my brain couldn't possibly do more than a couple things at once.
Well here it is.  Is Farley a real person or just cyber-space?  Does anyone really know what time it is?

Plus also...My new friend Staci at Let's Teach Something, gave me a cute little award!  I love that girl!
here it is!
So I'm going to pay it forward.  You're it!

Here's how it works...
Thank the blogger who gave the award to you... Thanks Staci! 
Put the award on your blog... see above :)
Pick 5 blogs to share the award with.  (remember the less than 200 followers rule!!)

These are my five...Hurry over and check them out or you might miss somethin.'

1.  First Grade Delight  So darn cute!
2.  Elisabeth at Tales of an Elementary Teacher Keep an eye on her.  She's got some good ideas!
3. Laura at Tattling to the Teacher This girl is working hard hard hard!
4.  Claire from Special Speckled Eggs
5.  Lisa over at Stories from Second


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  1. Cathy! You are hilarious :) I have better luck with POWERPOINT and the Currently (and other stuff I make for my classroom). Give it a try!

    AND it's Friday! AND I get Monday off for good old presidents!! Giddy Up! :)

    Let's Teach Something